Stupid Things Guys Do For Sex

I’ve compiled a list of stupid things guys do for sex
1. DRUGS :
This has to be the first in the list,since most drug abuse are related to sexual activities. Guys self medicate for the purpose of lasting long during sex.This is very detrimental to health eg. Tramadol,codienne,cocaine,weed etc
2.Long distance travelling :
I had to put this at number 2. most guys travel long distances all in the name of getting laid.
3.Alcohol :
Noting much to say than what we already know. alcohol abuse has amounted in majority of cases relating to kidney and liver failure.
4. Mouth action :
Many girls refuse being laid without any form of mouth action. Guys stupidly do the deed all in an act of desperation to get laid. This can cause throat gonorrhea to name a few.
5. Spending lots of money :
I’ve known some friends who used their school fees money to get laid.
6. Patronizing prostitutes :
Many are guilty of this. These guys overlook the consequence of such actions,thereby getting infected with numerous sexually transmitted diseases.

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