Shocking Moment Alligator knocked Out Police Officers After They Captured It (Video)

A stubborn alligator has left police and wildlife conservation officers dazed after trying to release itself from their grip.

Alligator attacks officers
Some police officers suffered a sad fate after an alligator they tried to secure knocked out the police and Wildlife Conservation officers.
In a video shared online, the officers are seen lifting the bound alligator and placing it into the back of a van. But as they try to dump the animal in the trunk, it used the upper part of its body to knock down a sturdy officer of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation.
A female officer tries to hold it in place to prevent it from further attacking the male officer but the alligator hits her with its tail, sending her flying backwards.
The alligator then tries to escape but was eventually captured and dragged towards the van with a rope as it continues to struggle.
Watch the video below.

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