Guys Beware! These Are Top 7 Lies that Women Often Tell Their Men to Deceive Them

In relationships sometimes women tend to lie to their men to escape certain unwholesome situations they find themselves.

Although, men are assumed to be natural liars, some women also have the ability to lie swiftly, without thinking it through.
Lies, whether told for a good cause, or for a bad cause, can never be justified. Most women are mischievous; they have the ability to act and pretend when the need arises. However, their delicate and fragile frame, often make people believe they are innocent and aren’t capable of weaving up lies.

In fact, women use this thought to manipulate people. It is to their advantage when people naturally think they are subtle, and are to an extent more truthful than men.
In relationships, most women play the role of character benders. Character benders are women who are supposed to help mould men’s lives. They are often regarded as the weaker vessel, and are expected to have strong moral values.
Find below some of the top lies women tell men:
1. I do not want to hold you down
Women, while pretending to be well behaved and easy going, often tell men they do not have the intention to hold them down, or tie them down in any way. Oblivious of this, they want to know everything you do and monitor you, using every chance they’ve got, either through calls or surprise visits.

2. I’m not interested in your money
Money matters to everyone. Even the rich want more money. Finding free money is something anyone would want. Women say this in order to make the men have a different impression of them. They do not want to be seen as materialistic, meanwhile they expect the men to show responsibility when it comes to finances.
3. I have never been untruthful to you
While lying is not good, it is almost impossible not to tell one in a day. Women often emphasise they have never lied to the men before. This statement itself is full of hidden truths; women say this, when they probably want to cover a lie. It’s a defense mechanism.
4. I don’t care if you are seeing other ladies
Ladies display a carefree attitude when the relationship is not a serious one. This statement, however, changes when things get more intense. In courtship and marriage, this is absolutely not true. Remember whatever is precious is guarded jealously.
5. You are the only man in my life
No woman admits having other men in her life to her lover or boyfriend. Women make every lover feel special, by giving them the impression they are the faithful and loyal to only them. Most women have men who meet their needs at different points in time.
6. I have only dated three men in the past
Women will never be truthful about the number of men they have dated in the past, or the exact number of men they have slept with. They always have an estimated number when it comes to this. The figure given could be for the serious relationships they have ventured into. There is usually no record of the flings, “runs” and friends-with-benefit affairs they have had.
7. I have never said any of the above lies
Women would read this and still deny being guilty of any of the stated lies above. No one is perfect, we all have flaws and there is absolutely no point claiming perfection.

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