Folks Caught Stealing Hennessy At A Supermarket In Lagos (Photos)


This 2 Nigerian Guys Uche and Dominic have quite recently gotten the beaten of their lives after they were found in a compromising position taking 2 jugs of Hennessy the previous evening, at Hubmart stores in Lagos


see a few responses underneath: nnamdi_zikoIf by any stretch of the imagination, affirm o, “I need to go and take o”, it’s presently HENNESSY? Of all things? Government officials taking Nigeria’s cash, what number of heads do they have?


i_killzzThere’s no reason for this conduct from our security faculties. They stole, approve… . take the thing back and call the police if may.. else, let them go. Nig has a hostile to wilderness equity law so perhaps they can sue the store.


bshizzle70bI know the law doesn’t carry out it’s activity appropriately yet we ought to wince at the brutality dependably in plain view in these sort of recordings. Bear in mind that we’re not protected as a Nation. Different nations watch these recordings as well. A tag of a country of rough individuals benefits nobody in any way in Nigeria. Kindly don’t reveal to me that the hoodlums would do more awful if the tables were turned. This dishonorable demonstrations of extrajudicial savagery must be broken. It’s a measuring stick of civilisation as I would see it.

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