6 Things We Must Work On To Enable A Deep Worship Lifestyle

The bible said God Is a spirit and those who worship must do so in truth and in spirit.
To achieve this, there are certain things we need to put away or add.
1. Guide your heart. Proverb 4:23
Take charge of your heart because your success and failure starts from there. Your heart Is God’s number one dwelling place.. Enter into his presence with an open heart.
A true heart of worship Is what God wants from us.

2. Stop complaining.
We all known that so many things are going wrong in our world today, but always fix your mind on the good side and worship God. Stop complaining about people, pastors, churches, government. Etc. Instead pray more about those things you complain about.

3. Don’t be discourage :
some people have given up on their worship lifestyle because some situations has discourage them. Some dont even go to church anymore maybe because someone they looked upto failed them.
Hey, don’t be discourage, study God’s word and look onto Jesus the author and the finisher of your Faith. You have one just life and it must glorify God.

4 guide your Moral value
Its so sad how some of us adore things that are not morally right. We tend to polish it to suit us. To maintain a deep worship life style, we need to work on our Moral value.

5. Genuinely love God
Develope genuine love for God. Think about his unconditional love towards us, the work of his hand. think about all those times you had no one and he was there for u.
Create a deep passion for him and worship him.

6. Learn to forgive
Learn to let go. I know sometimes when we think on how bad some people treated us, lied to us, made fool out of our love, paid back evil instead of love we shown them, we feel its beyond forgiveness. I know its hard, but for us to access God’s presence in deep worship, we have to learn to forgive and forget.
Forgiveness Is also Healing to our soul, spirit and mind. God loves a heart that forgives easily. Forgiveness Is God’s attribute as well
God bless you and have a blissful week.

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